Sexy with style, the bustier

The shoulders are bare, but always in an elegant way. The corset disappears, this season it is replaced by the corset. The bustier can be worn as it is, enhancing the breasts and adapting to any body shape, or worn over shirts and pullovers. All designers, from Stella McCartney to Max Mara, have made it a predominant element of fashion shows, presenting it in the daytime wardrobe.

The most popular trend is the fabric or leather bustier worn over a shirt, to highlight the waist and outline the bust, under a suit or a voluminous coat. The bustier thus becomes an elegantly sexy accessory, which softens and makes even the most severe of suits feminine. 

Supporting, highlighting, and alluding, ductile and versatile, the bustier, worn over an underjacket can make an old suit very modern or, worn alone on the skin, move a business suit from the office to the afternoon party.